A 23 year old man with epsiodes of tachycardia.

Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome

Localising the accessory pathway

An accessory pathway, bundle of Kent, exists between atria and ventricles and causes early depolarisation of the ventricle. The location of the pathway may be deduced as follows:-

  LOCATION                   V1   V2   QRS axis
left posteroseptal (type A)  +ve  +ve  left
right lateral      (type B)  -ve  -ve  left
left lateral       (type C)  +ve  +ve  inferior (90 degrees)
right posteroseptal          -ve  -ve  left
anteroseptal                 -ve  -ve  normal

Thank you to Soren Strange MD, Department of Cardiology, Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark for providing this recording.